rpact version 3.0.0 available on CRAN

Posted on: Wed, 09/09/2020 - 08:18 By: Pahlke

Nine months after publication of rpact 2.0.6 the official release of the rpact package version 3.0.0 is available on CRAN (The Comprehensive R Archive Network):

New features

  • Simulation tools for multi-arm design testing means, rates, and hazard ratios
  • Analysis tools for multi-arm design testing means, rates, and hazard ratios
  • getSimulationRates: exact versions for testing a rate (one-sample case) and equality of rates (two-sample case)
  • getDataset: multi-arm datasets for means, rates, and survival data
  • Analysis of fixed designs
  • Summary for analysis and simulation result objects newly implemented
  • Summary for most rpact result objects substantially improved and enhanced
  • getEventProbabilities: plot of result object
  • getNumberOfSubjects: plot of result object
  • Visual comparison of two designs: plot(design1, design2)
  • Functions setOutputFormat and getOutputFormat implemented: definition of user defined output formats
  • getSimulationMeans: thetaH1 and stDevH1 can be specified for assessment of sample size recalculation (replaces thetaStandardized)
  • getSimulationSurvival: separate p-values added to the aggregated simulation data for Fisher designs
  • getSimulationMeans, getSimulationRates: Cumulated number of subjects integrated in getData object
  • getSimulation[MultiArm][Means/Rates/Survival]: new logical argument 'showStatistics' added
  • Example datasets (csv files) added to the package
  • plot type "all": plot all available plots of an object in one step using plot(x, type = "all")
  • plot type improved: 'type' now can be a vector, e.g., plot(x, type = c(1, 3))
  • plot(x, grid = 1): new plot argument 'grid' enables the plotting of 2 or more plots in one graphic

Read the NEWS on CRAN to get to know all about the new features, improvements, and changes of rpact 3.0.0.